We have the finest skin cream available today. Our cream, Body Bionix Supercream® is not only a gentle, soothing organic paraben and fragrance free moisturizing skin cream, but helps alleviate a variety of skin conditions as related by our many happy customers.

Supercream® is Hypo-Allergenic. Supercream® is NOT greasy and has no added fragrance. Supercream® is Doctor and Nurse recommended! Click on any of the conditions listed to link to testimonials on that subject. Try our paraben and fragrance free moisturizing cream today!

Most of our customers have bought our cream because of the way it feels, not too heavy and not too light, even for the face. Supercream® is very moisturizing and yet does not feel greasy and soaks into the skin. Because it soaks into the skin, it doesn't wash off so it lasts a long time. Put it on your hands and then wash your hands. After drying your hands the skin is still soft and supple.

We do NOT add fragrances so there is extremely little if any smell. Men especially like it because it is not greasy and because it doesn't make them smell girly

Supercream® is is used by many ladies on their face, cuticles, for reducing the vividness of stretch marks and for those pesky wrinkles

Supercream® has been reported to enhance the look of tattoos and reduce scars. Totally safe on babies and children, such as diaper rash and Cradle Cap.

Many people, including construction workers, mechanics, fishermen and others who work with their hands love the effect Supercream® has in reducing split and cracked fingers, hands and feet

Veterinarians and pet owners use Supercream® on animals including dogs, cats, horses and other animals. They love that Supercream® is non-toxic on animals, even if they lick our organic paraben and fragrance free moisturizing cream.

Supercream® was formulated to help reduce physical pain in many areas of the body, including: Abrasions, Aches, Ankle Pain, Arm PainArthritis, Back Pain, Bruises,Cramps, Elbow Pain, Fibromyalgia Pain, Foot pain, General Pain, Finger Pain, Hand Pain, Headaches, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Neck PainShoulder Pain, Sunburn and Wrist Pain. Supercream® is also reported to increase range of motion in some cases. Many of our customers have reported reduced or vanished pain in these areas.

Skin condition discomfort is greatly reduced by Supercream® including bug and mosquito bites, chapped lips, chemical reactions, dry skin (including super dry skin), Eczema, itching (of all kinds) and Psoriasis.

Some other skin problems have also been helped by Supercream®: cancer treatment effects, circulation issues, Diabetes dry skin, various disease symptoms, Lupus dry skin, Neuralgia, Neuropathy, ShinglesSpider Veins, Varicose Veins and Warts. Try our paraben and fragrance free moisturizing cream today!


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