I had a bad fall from running. I sustained abrasion, scratches and major bruises on my shoulder, knee and both palms and right dorsal [leg]. I was on my 4th day with applied medication when I found out about Body Bionix Super Skin Cream. I tried it as Don suggested and came back 2 days after to buy more. Thanks to Body Bionix and Praise the Lord!!!
    G. Y.                                                    12 December 2014
    Guam, USA
     Success Story
     I tripped coming into my home and fell totally on my right knee. A bruise developed that went up and down both sides of the kneecap. It travelled around my entire leg. I iced the injury the first day and then started using the Bionix Super Cream. Two days later and I went to the Doctor because the bruise was migrating down my leg. He advised me to keep using the cream and stay off the leg. One month later, the bruise is completely gone. The skin on my leg looks healthy and the muscle soreness has greatly diminished. I know without the Bionix Super Cream, I would still be bruised and have a longer recovery in the making. Thank you. And it smells good too.

     J. M.                                                   21 September 2015
     Auburn, WA


     Super Cream is amazing! I got some for myself for my knee pain (which disappeared IMMEDIATELY) and my other sports pains. My husband stole it from me when he saw how quickly my pain disappeared. We both use sports cream after our workouts and out aches and pains have gone away. The side benefit is how well hydrated my skin feels now. My skin has always been dry but is so much better now. Thanks Supercream for fixing my skin and injuries!
Tracy O.                                                  22 May 2016                                        
Fruit Heights, UT

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