Body Bionix Crème. Applied crème to my forearm. I compete in body building/physique & in minutes no pain! This crème is amazing!
     S. H.                                                   19 October 2014
    Body Bionix Super Crème. After application pain went from 8 to 3 w/i 5 min. (in my wrist)
    T. E.                                                     3 January 2015
    Altadena, CA
    I saw the Body Bionix Super Cream at a booth and stopped to see if I could get relief on my arm that was broken 2 weeks ago. My pain went from a 7 to about a level 2 in less than 4 min!
    N. H.                                                   7 March 2015
    Bountiful, UT 

Arm Pain