Body Bionix Cream. Right rotator cuff, Arthritis in hands knuckles. No pain in 5 minutes. Fibromyalgia pain 8 to “0”.
    D. B.                                               16 Sep 14
    Seattle, WA

     Body Bionix Pain Cream was applied to my Arthritic Knee… 5 to 7 mins after application, my knee pain was reduced by half. The relief lasted for close to two (2) days. 
     L. W.                                              21 Sep 14    
     Renton, WA
     Body Bionix really works! Came in with “5” on knees due to Arthritis & Meniscus tear and felt fast relief – down to “2.5” in less than ten minutes.
    T. B.                                            19 Oct 14
    Pouisbo, WA
      Body Bionix Crème. TK applied crème 2 my left thumb w/arthritis, w/in 3 minutes the pain disappeared.  Luv da crème. Thank you!!!
    M. L.                                             19 Oct 14


    Body Bionix Super Cream. I have Arthritis in my right elbow. After just a couple of minutes after the cream was rubbed in my aches and pains diminished from a “6” to a “1” in the pain scale. I am so happy to have something that will help me.
    L. A.                                             6 March 2015
    Lindon, UT 84042
    South Towne Expo Center Home & Garden Show. 
    Stopped by the booth so my fiancé could try the Super Cream product. Ended up trying it for my Arthritis in my hands. My pain was 4 to 5 (1-10) in two minutes the pain relieved to a 1-0. Thank you for sharing this product. I had an appointment for the doctors for my Arthritis and now thinking to continue with this product.

    R. P.                                             6 March 2015
    SLC, UT

    I am so excited to have discovered Body Bionix Super Cream! I came to the booth with considerable amount of pain in my fingers due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It hurt to even touch it! But immediately after applying this cream, my pain was 0! Hard to believe but it is true! Not only is my pain down but now my hands are soft too! I can hardly wait to try it on my feet!!
    T. R.                                              6 March 2015
    Orem, UT
    I’ve been using (Body Bionix) Supercream for arthritis in both hands and have noticed a great deal of relief from the pain and more flexibility since my first applying. Will surely continue to use because it works. I’m amazed! I’ve tried everything and nothing else gave me any relief.
    Grant McEwan                              17 Dec 16

    Lehigh Acres, FL
    CMT – Felt relief from 8 to 5 in 5 minutes. Arthritis always remind me I’m getting older every day.
    J. B. Alexander                              24 Oct 2015
    Kailua, HI
    Tried cream (Supercream) on knee, within minutes my pain of #8 was reduced to about #2. Arthritic knees and wrist. Shows and feels relief within min.
    Dave Ficker                                    21 Jan 16
    Loomis, CA 95650
    Last day here. I have Arthritis, from Lupus. Helped me a lot with my hands, knuckles, pain went away within a few minutes, anxious to keep product on hand for future. Pain was 10 – down now to 3!
    Shirley H.                                       24 April 16
    Super Cream is amazing! I have Arthritis & felt instant relief. My pain was @ an 8 and was reduced to a 2 instantly. It also felt great on the skin! Thank you TK for all your help!!
    Craig A.                                         22 May 16
    Oak Park, CA
    I came to Super Cream to try out the cream. I was wearing a brace on my wrist for Arthritis and after using the cream went from 10 to 4.
    Janet S.                                         21 June 16
    Rio Vista, CA
    I purchased my first container of super Cream on 6/19/2016. I am back today to purchase 4 more. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, 4 compressed discs and I am currently taking steroids to manage my pain. Since using this cream, I have reduced my pain reliever intake to once a day. My pain level goes down to a level I can tolerate.
    Joann Kerrigan                              24 June 16
    Martinez, CA
    I had been searching and looking for some type of natural pain relief for my RA and while visiting the Alameda County Fair. I stopped by the booth of Body Bionix Super Cream and tried a sample and to my amazement and surprise the cream worked immediately to relieve my pain and as a bonus gave me nice soft hands. Thank God for Super Cream! My pain was approximately an 8 but now a 0!
    Nate P.                                           2 July 16
    Hercules, CA
    Mild Arthritis in hands, trigger finger & inability most mornings to make a fist – stopped by Super Cream to see if it worked on dry skin – Surprise! It not only smoothed out the rough skin, but I was able to fist both hands within 2 minutes! Yahoo!
    Andee Berger                                17 July 16
    Long Beach, CA
     My friend and I both use Body Bionix. She has a rare form of Arthritis that is very debilitating.. She gets Chemotherapy for it. This product has given her pain relief and function back in her joints. I have varicose veins and problems with my knees. I love how much my knees get relief. Also I get less symptoms from my veins with regular use. Buy it! Do it! You will not be sorry.
     Sarah N.                                      16 Sep 16
     Tacoma, WA
      I work with my hands constantly and over the past year I developed arthritis in both hands. It felt as though my fingers were all broken. I had level 10+ pain. One minute after applying Super Cream, my pain level went to a 1. As I write this there is no pain in my writing hand at all.
      Laura W.                                      9 Oct 16
      Anaheim, CA
      Super Cream is awesome. Arthritis in my thumb went from 7 to 1 – This is soooo awesome!!!
      Tina Handricki                             16 Oct 16
      Long Beach, CA
      I tried Super Cream as a Farmer’s Market in Simi Valley, CA. I was very surprised & impressed with hydration & also pain relief. Arthritis on knuckles always painful – level 7. First application – pain reduced to a 1.
      Julie Richmond  (57 years old)    4 Nov 16
     Tried Supercream today a home show in P.A. WA. I was amazed to see the inflammation disappear before my eyes. I’ve suffered from arthritis for 5 years now. The inflammation was my wrist. Within minutes my pain & inflammation disappeared. I’ve tried pain meds, ice packets and anti-inflammation for years. Nothing has helped relieve my pain quickly. My pain was a 4, now it’s a 0!.
      Mary Eklund                                 11 Mar 17
      Sequin, WA
      Supercream. It was very smooth and helped my hand pain feel better. I have Osteoarthritis. Pain 10 went to 3.
      Cindy R.                                       18 Mar 17
     Eagle Mountain, UT