I woke up on Saturday morning with a pain in my elbow. My other half put some Body Bionix Body Lotion on the painful area and within seconds the pain was gone. I have since used it on my knees and lower back and the relief I feel is great.
     E. B.                                                      21 Sep 14
     University Place, WA
     I am a flagger & stand all day & my knee & hips & lower back hurts all the time & after I used Body bionix Cream my pain went from 8 to 0. Love it!
    T. H.

    Des Moines, WA

     I had Body Bionix Relief Lotion put on my back and thumb which I came in with the pain level 5-6 and I feel much better. My pain about a 1.
     K. P.                                                     19 Sep 14

     Body Bionix Cream. Tried a sample of the Body bionix Cream on my back pain. In a matter of minutes my pain was reduced by half. Thanks!!!
     E. P.                                                     11 October 14
     Honolulu, HI

     Body Bionix Cream. Tried this cream on my mid back pain, took it down to minimum pain in just 30 sec. Crazy. Impressed!! Aloha.
     J. V.                                                      12 Oct 14
     Ewa Beach, HI

     I attended the Alaska State Fair on Sunday Sept 6, 2015. I was talking about the pain in hand that I had broken 2 months prior. I was asked to try the Body Bionix Supercream for the pain. I was skeptical, but decided, I'm at the fair, what harm is there in trying? So I rubbed the cream into my hands, a small place on my back and both shoulders. Ten minutes later I couldn't believe the pain had stopped. I don't know how it worked, but it did! A great side benefit was that my skin was silky smooth. Great Stuff! 


     S. W.
     Eagle River, AK
     I’m visiting CAST 2015 and have had a lower back ache on & off for 3 days. I stopped by & they gave me a little cream to rub on my back… (skeptical :)) Believe it or not I walked away & about a minute late was back thanking them. Body Bionix took my level 4 pain to 0. :)    Thanks.
     K. O.                                                    11/12/15
     Brownwood, TX

     CAST is an exciting time for science teachers! We teachers are on our feet all the time, and sometimes our movements cause back aches. Today I had been walking for hours with the weight of a backpack. Needless to say my back was in a good bit of pain. I had actually stopped to take some Tylenol when I was offered a sample of Body Bionix super Cream. After an application to my back, my pain level reduced significantly in less than a minute! I was so impressed with the product that I purchased 4 jars. Absolutely amazing!
     T. B.                                                    11/12/15
     Dilley ISD Science Department Chief

     Body Bionix Supercream
     I fell off of a “handless Segway”. I bruised my hand, strained my back & right hip. The pain was about a 6 and after an hour the pain was minimized to about a 2. Great Stuff! It smells good too.

     L. F.                                                      

    I had a 7 in pain in my back and after using Body Bionix the pain dropped to a 2. I am a believer.
    Stephanie McCullough                           21 Nov 15
    North Highlands, CA
    My husband suffers from chronic back and shoulder pain. He tried the Body Bionix cream & the pain went away. Amazing!! Bought it immediately.
    Lisa Brooks                                             3 Jan 16
    San Bernadino, CA 92404
    Super Cream worked Great!
    Had lower back pain. Was at a 5 and after using a small amount of Super Cream on my back the pain was down to a 1. It Really Works!!

    Kathy Brehtill                                           13 Jan 16
     My lower back was in pain from being on my feet. The pain was about a 8 on a scale of 10. I tried the cream on my lower back and within minutes the pain went from 8 to 2. This Body Bionix is a great product. Thank you.
     Lia A.                                                      15 Jan 16
     Lakewood, CA
     I had some pain in my lower back. Within 2 min. my pain was completely gone! My son has skin issues and I am excited to try Body Bionix!! The pain in my back was a 4-5 and then had completely gone.
     Courtney V.                                              27 Feb 16
     Las Vegas, NV
     My husband is an ex-firefighter who went through a floor in a fire 10 years ago. He has not had a pain free day since. He tried Body bionix cream on his back yesterday. Since then, his pain of “50” went to a “0”. He slept painless last night and the pain is still GONE! No narcotic creams, pills or injectable shots since!!
     Angie M.                                                   20 March 16
     Bountiful, UT
     I purchased my first container of Supercream on 6/19/2016. I am back today to purchase 4 more. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, 4 compressed discs and I am currently taking steroids to manage my pain. Since using this cream, I have reduced my pain reliever intake to once a day. My pain level goes down to a level I can tolerate.
     Joann Kerrigan                                         24 June 16
     Martinez, CA
     Body Bionix Super Cream helped my neck pain immediately – I was skeptical but the pain went from 9 to 2 within a minute of application, so I applied it on my back – again with great pain relief.
     L. Fox                                                       27 July 16
     Windsor, CA
      Supercream helps my neck & knees and lower back. Especially at night when laying flat. 10 – 4 within minutes. Helped with fingers and shoulders.
      Jeanie Schoolcraft                                   9 Sep 16
      Marysville, WA
       AMAZING cream! I’ve used it on my lower back for 3 years now. The Body Bionix Supercream works for a long time and helps me be able to maintain my home on 4 acres by myself. I buy it every year and don’t want to ever be without it.
       Lynn B.                                                     17 Sep 16
       Olympia, WA
       I put the Supercream on my wife. Her midback and shoulders have been hurting for week. Went to Chiropractor 2 times and still hurt. Put cream on at night at bed time, she woke up feeling 75% better. Thanks guys.
       Frank Baskins                                           26 Feb 17
       Grants Pass, OR


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