Chapped Lips


       I have a surgical scar approximately ½” long that had taken a long time to develop that was rough & with heavy color. After only 3 applications of Body Bionix Relief Lotion the scar tissue is now smooth, soft, and the coloration has lightened up. I’ve also used the Body Bionix Relief Lotion on my chapped & bleeding lips for 3 applications & they are now healed.
       E. Mills                                            15 Sep 14
       Tacoma, WA
       I bought a bottle of Body Bionix Supercream When I was told this product I was very leery. My bottle was almost out so I came the Show’s, R.V., Outdoor, to find the product. I was so grateful to find Body Bionix Supercream to buy more. I take it with me when we camp. I have twin granddaughters who keep licking their lips, so they have soars all around their mouth. I put Body Bionix Supercream, on their mouth and by the next day they come back and there is no pain and they are all ready getting better.
     My elbow on my left side gets rough. My skin starts to catch and I loose pieces of skin causing soars or just making taking off the shirt. When I use B.B.S. I don’t have the issues and I get to wear everything and the pain is gone.
     Frankie E.                                              17 March 2016
     Sandy, UT