While attending Alaska State Fair I was introduced to Body Bionix. I tried it and was amazed at the relief it gave. In January I had a circulation problem and I was unable to walk. I had my legs scoped and found I have a severe circulation problem. They recommended surgery. Instead I use the cream and compression stockings and am back on the move. The cream is amazing. I have told friends and family and now they too are believers. I have tried lots of products but this one WORKS!!
     P B.                                                     2 April 2015                
     Anchorage, Alaska
     My husband has bad circulation in his legs. As a result he had an ulcer form on his ankles. We used Bionix super Cream and after a week it was almost gone; gone completely after another week and it has never returned. We both use it for cramps in our calfs due to poor circulation and its almost instananeous relief.
     D. W.                                                  2 September 2015
     Palmer, AK
     Super Cream. Es maravillosa tengo problemas con mi circulacion de venas y me siento que ya no me duele mas con esta crema Super Cream. Regrese a comprar mas al ver el beneficio en mis piernas Gracias Super Cream.

      Supercream is wonderful. I have problems with the circulation in my veins and I feel like it does not hurt any more with this cream, Supercream. I came back to buy more when I saw the benefit in my legs. Thank you Supercream.
       H De Leonu                                      5 July 15