I came across Body Bionix Super Cream on September 6, 2014 – purchased 4 jars to use on my terribly cracked feet. Not only are my feet PERFECT but I also use it on my hands and tattoos – I have full body tattoos, parts are 26 years old and with the use of sunscreen & Body Bionix every single day – they are as bright & clear as the day they were done! No Kidding – I will forever use Body bionix Super cream because there is absolutely NOTHING better!
     H. L.
     (Dry, Dry) Palmer, Alaska


     I am writing this letter to the owner of Body Bionix USA.

     Last year, I went to the Fred Hall- Outdoor show in San Diego, where I and my friend bought from you the Body Bionix Relief Lotion. We have been told that when we finish those containers, we should feel free to contact you and be able to purchase again that product at the preferential price of $60 per unit.

     I must admit that your lotion is amazing, and really helped me heal my dry, cracked hands. I think, me and my wife have finished the cream for about three months. Since then, for ten months, I did not have any problems with my skin, for the first time in the last thirty years. I truly believed that I am completely healed.

     Yet, suddenly, a week ago, the skin on my right hand began to dry and break to the point of bleeding. Apparently, my condition is chronic (probably related to a certain type of food) and cannot be completely annihilated. However, with your product, for the first time in my life- long experience, I was able to use my hands without any concerns of protecting them during the day, or constantly applying tons of creams and lotions.

     Please, let me know, how I can purchase again the Relief Lotion. I can even call my friend to ask him if he need one as well. I am looking forward to enjoy your wonderful product again.

     Thank you for your consideration,

     Anton Andreev                                           23 March 2016

     Body Bionix immediately improved the pain in my thumb. I have had a chronic problem with extremely dry hands and cuticles. Body Bionix cream worked instantly upon application. I’m excited to use this product! My pain was about a 4 to a 2 instantly.
     Michelle Vie                                             27 July 16
     Santa Rosa, CA


      ​My husband and I bought the Body Bionix Supercream two weeks ago. We’ve used it on seriasis (Psoriasis) patches, varicose vein spots (Spider Veins), cracked heels, tattoos and cuticles. Maybe every other day or every few days and have noticed a HUGE difference. It’s not oily and not heavily scented so you can apply it anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend this product to everyone!
      A.F.                                                            13 August 2016
      Clearwater, FL
      I bought Supercream at Sportsman Show in 2016. I had neck pain and used it and my “9” pain went to 0 within a week. My cracked hands are never dry now. Love it.
      Blythe B.                                                    19 Mar 17
      Magna, UT


Cracked and Split Hands and Feet