February 17, 2015
Dear Mr. Tinnin:
RE:     Body Bionix Super Cream
     I thought you might appreciate how much I love your Super Cream.  I bought it because I liked the feel and smell of the cream.
     I am diabetic and take a lot of insulin shots.  Over the past few years my feet hurt so bad after standing for an hour or so that I have a terrible time walking very much.  I had a jar of your cream with me and was only using it as a base so I could massage my feet for a few minutes while walking around a fair a few years ago.   Totally unexpected by me, my feet quit hurting after about 15 minutes.  They never do that unless the day is over and I take lots of pain relievers and stay off them overnight.  This was like a miracle.  There is nothing on the market that does this for my feet.  Which by the way are so much better than they use to be.
     Because it worked so good on my feet, I started using it on my hands this winter as I now have arthritis and a lot of pain in my right hand.  My daughter has the same problem.  Your cream worked so good on my hands that I bought a jar for my daughter.  Now she and her husband both use it.  He has gout and loves the cream.  Once again after using it on my hands for a couple of months I am not getting the pain in my hands like I use to.  It’s nice to know if it comes back I can just grab the jar and it will be gone in about 15 minutes.  Thank you!
Kindest regards,
     H.D. Stone – A happy customer

      Federal Way, WA 

     Body Bionix Cream, was introduced to me with a pain in my neck, scheduled surgery July 9th, which now I may postpone! I have tried every cream even Amish! I have Lupus and, it is an incredible cream!!! Absolutely amazing it worked instantly. No matter the cost, I will be an avid customer. My mind is blown, Incredible!!!
    P. R-G.                                                      31 May 2015

    Novato, CA    


          La crema es buena por mi condicion tengo la piel muy seca soy diabetic al ponerme la crema mi piel se puso suabe y de saparecio el dolor de 8 – a cero muy buena.

The cream is good because of my condition. I am diabetic so I have very dry skin, when I put the cream my skin became very soft and the pain of 8 disappeared - to a 0. It’s very good.

          Maria                                                    19 June 16
          Hayward, CA
          I am at the Sportsman Show in Anderson, CA. I suffer from neuropathy due to Diabetes. I saw the Supercream booth. Wow! I had a pain level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 – after trying the Supercream – NO pain. Absolutely none. It’s amazing – a real blessing. So glad I stopped at the Supercream booth. Walking away pain free in my hands.
          Tere R. A.                                               4 Feb 17

           Last day here. I have Arthritis, from Lupus. Helped me a lot with my hands, knuckles, pain went away within a few minutes, anxious to keep product on hand for future. Pain was 10 – down now to 3!
           Shirley H.                                               24 April 16

  Diabetes and Lupus Pain