Dry Skin

    I love this stuff (Body Bionix Super Cream). It is the best. I use this cream on my feet, elbows, legs and yes my hands. Where you have dry skin, apply this cream. You will love it too.
    C Wendland                                      5 April 2015  
    Wasilla, AK

    As with any fair product I was nervous to believe it could really perform as they say it does. However after trying the Body Bionix Super Cream and 7 hours later my skin is soft and I can still feel it working on some very dry patches I had from extended sun exposure. This super cream made me a believer that my “Nivea” has been letting me down. :(
     Tracy D                                           4 July 2015
     Homeland, CA

     This product is fantastic. Knocked the pain right out of my knee and helps with dry skin, tattoo brightened up. Well recommended. The pain in my knee was at a 7 and this product took it down to almost nothing.
     Dave M                                            24 Jan 16
     Placerville, CA
     This is the most amazing product. I have suffered from extremely dry skin my whole life. This has been life changing!!!
      Shari M.                                          6 March 16
      Arcadia, CA
       Super Cream is amazing! I got some for myself for my knee pain (which disappeared IMMEDIATELY) and my other sports pains. My husband stole it from me when he saw how quickly my pain disappeared. We both use sports cream after our workouts and out aches and pains have gone away. The side benefit is how well hydrated my skin feels now. My skin has always been dry but is so much better now. Thanks Supercream for fixing my skin and injuries!
      Tracy O.                                          22 May 16
      Fruit Heights, UT
      Mild Arthritis in hands, trigger finger & inability most mornings to make a fist – stopped by Super Cream to see if it worked on dry skin – Surprise! It not only smoothed out the rough skin, but I was able to fist both hands within 2 minutes! Yahoo!
      Andee Berger                                 17 July 16
      Long Beach, CA
      Body Bionix immediately improved the pain in my thumb. I have had a chronic problem with extremely dry hands and cuticles. Body Bionix cream worked instantly upon application. I’m excited to use this product! My pain was about a 4 to a 2 instantly.
      Michelle Vie                                    27 July 16
      Santa Rosa, CA
      I love this product!! Just replenished my supply with 4 more jars! Works great for dry arms and bumps on the back of arms. My son uses for Eczema patch on his arm. L.O.V.E.!!
      Loma Rockwell                              9 Sep 16
      Bellevue, WA
      I just tried Super Cream and the pain in my hand went from a 6 to a 3 in less than one minute. I got a cast off 4 days ago. Hand was sore and tight and skin was dry and cracking. Pain is less and skin is softer. Love it.
      Rick R.                                           17 Sep 16
      University Place, WA
      I tried Super Cream as a Farmer’s Market in Simi Valley, CA. I was very surprised & impressed with hydration & also pain relief. Arthritis on knuckles always painful – level 7. First application – pain reduced to a 1.
      Julie Richmond  57 years old        4 Nov 16