I have tried multiple creams and lotions for Eczema for 16 years. My first application of Body Bionix Super Cream immediately relieved the itching!
     Mark Cowan                                         13 February 2016
     Ft Worth, TX
     Dear Mr. Tinnin,                                    January 16, 2017
     Thank you for introducing me to your Body Bionix Supercream. I bought it originally because I have dry skin which is super sensitive and prone to Eczema out-breaks. After applying the cream every day, my Eczema is under control and I rarely have to use the steroid ointment my Dermatologist prescribed me. Your cream is a much better solution as the steroids have rather severe side effects.

      Now for the big surprise!  I recently suffered from a bout with Shingles.  The pain was horrible and felt like ants biting me.  My skin was bright red and turned purple with blisters. I generously applied the cream to the wound and within minutes the pain stopped. The next day, when I removed the band aid, the area was noticeably improved.  After one week of using your cream, the blisters have healed, no more pain and the wound is healed.  Amazing!

      I will continue to use your product and tell everyone I know about the benefits.


      C. Harris
      Oldsmar, FL
      I love this product!! Just replenished my supply with 4 more jars! Works great for dry arms and bumps on the back of arms. My son uses for Eczema patch on his arm. L.O.V.E.!!
      Loma Rockwell                                        9 Sep 16
      Bellevue, WA
      Super Cream has helped my Eczema through everyday use. After applying, it takes the itch away and prevents scales developing in the itchy areas. I use it every day. It also helps my wrinkles under my eyes. I love this product.
       Frank Winkler                                          15 Sep 16
       Yakum, WA
       I had purchased this item in September 2016, because I have Eczema all over my body and really dry skin. I sampled many lotions over the years and they were either really stinky or made my skin extra greasy. The Body Bionix Supercream has a natural scent (clean smelling) & doesn’t leave my skin greasy or dry shortly after application. Most importantly, if I use the Bionix Supercream faithfully, the inflammation and pain from Eczema are noticeably decreased. I ran out of the product for a short time and used a different lotion and the Eczema flared back up. Needless to say, I called to order more Body Bionix Supercream!
       Angela G.                                                  10 Feb 17
       Bonney Lake, WA     


       I purchased this item back in September 2016 due to having persistent Eczema, especially on my legs. I have tried many different lotions and they either didn’t work well or they burned immediately after putting them on. The Body Bionix Supercream left no burning sensation and significantly reduced my red and itchy Eczema on my legs. I recently ran out of this product and the Eczema has been incredibly itchy and bothersome – the past couple of weeks. I highly recommend Body Bionix Supercream for the reduction of Eczema itching and burning!!
       Ryan L.                                                      11 Mar 17
       Bonney Lake, WA
       I came to the booth & tried this cream on a large place on my lower left arm that is stress induced Eczema. She rubbed the cream on the spot at the beginning pain level was a 6 and extremely red. After it was on, the pain level was at a zero and it wasn’t as red as it has been for years. I love it. Thanks.
       Ginger Weaver                                          17 Mar 17
       Orem, UT
       Supercream is great! I have 3 daughters that have Eczema and they constantly itch. We bought this at the 2016 show and they have been using it since. I am so glad that I came across this product. My daughters are younger and love to use it. And it doesn’t itch or burn them. Thank you!
       Tonnie T.                                                  19 Mar 17
       Wendover, NV