Elbow Pain

     Body Bionix Cream. My elbow was in extreme pain about a 6-7 scale and within a few minute it is about a 1-2. Amazing. Thank you.
     K. W.
     20 Sep 14
     I woke up on Saturday morning with a pain in my elbow. My other half put some Body Bionix Body Lotion on the painful area and within seconds the pain was gone. I have since used it on my knees and lower back and the relief I feel is great.
     E. B.
     University Place, WA
     21 Sep 14
     Its Sept 20th and I am a former professional athlete w/pain in several joints! I used the Body Bionix Cream on my elbow, both knees and my hand. Has removed all my pain from every one of these areas. I was very skeptical but now a complete believer.
     B. W.
     North Bend, GA
     20 Sep 14
     I have tennis elbow tendonitis and this cream Body Bionix greatly reduced the pain. The pain is still almost gone after 3 hrs. 
     K. O.
     Big Harbor
     14 Sep 14


     Body Bionix Super Cream. I have Arthritis in my right elbow. After just a couple of minutes after the cream was rubbed in my aches and pains diminished from a “6” to a “1” in the pain scale. I am so happy to have something that will help me.   

     L. A.

     Lindon, UT 84042

     Enjoying CAST 2015, stopped by the Body Bionix USA Booth. My elbow has been hurting at a level of pain around 8. T.K. put some of the Body Bionix Cream on it and within seconds the pain was reduced to a 3. Thank you.
     Kerri Antes                             
     Jacksonville ISD



     I bought a bottle of Body Bionix Supercream When I was told this product I was very leary. My bottle was almost out so I came the Show’s, R.V., Outdoor, to find the product. I was so greatful to find Body Bionix Supercream to buy more. I take it with me when we camp. I have twin granddaughters who keep licking their lips, so they have soars all around their mouth. I put Body Bionix Supercream, on their mouth and by the next day they come back and there is no pain and they are all ready getting better.

     My elbow on my left side gets rough. My skin starts to catch and I loose pieces of skin causing soars or just making taking off the shirt. When I use B.B.S. I don’t have the issues and I get to wear everything and the pain is gone.

     Frankie E.
     Sandy, UT
     March 17, 2016​