I had a ‘10’ for pain before the Body Bionix and only a 4 after 5 min. I feel fantastic!
     R. V.                                                          21 Sep 2014           
     Renton, WA
     After a major stroke I suffer pain everyday – within 5 to 7 min. pain level went from 8 to a 2 after using Body Bionix Crème. Amazing!
     L. M.
     I did not believe it at first. Then they applied the cream. Within minutes my cut didn’t hurt and my scar was almost invisible. Take it from me – This Works! I am an R.N. and really was skeptical. But not any more – Body Bionix Super Cream Works!
     D. H.                                                        15 March 2015                                                                   
    Gordonville, TX

     I bought this product last year at the Palmer Fair. I wasn’t too sure just how this product would work. But --- last January I took a terrible fall & have felt very stiff and sore since. Recently it was so bad I cried myself to sleep. Then I remembered the cream. I put it on and in a half hour, I felt almost completely pain free.
     Louisi Whetsell                                        27 Aug 2016
     Eagle River, AK
     Pain level at first was 9 ½. After lotion is about a 3 in just a few minutes.
     Christina CB                                             21 Nov 15
     Forest Hills, CA
      Well @ the sportsman show I stop to try out Body Bionix Supercream for pains in my right (?) and it was 1-10 about a 10. After rubbing in in my pain went down to around a 3. Great cream. Thank you.
      Louis Salazar                                            17 Jan 16
      Denver, CO
     I have 41 surgical procedures including:        
                   Fused left ankle
                   Fused left knee
                   Fused left thumb
                   Fused knee vertebrae (C4-6)
     I was skeptical! Read this:

          This stuff REALLY works.

      Beginning pain levels (different sites) 0-8, now most sites 0-1.
      Even Whipple                                            30 Jan 16
      Bountiful, UT
      I fell down a flight of stairs in 2007 and I have had six surgeries since. After using the Super Cream my pain level went from 4 to 0 in a matter of min.
      Dottie Tate                                                25 Sep 17
      Seattle, WA

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