Body Bionix Cream. Right rotator cuff, Arthritis in hands & knuckles. No pain in 5 minutes. Fibromyalgia pain 8 to “0”.
     D. B.                                                      16 September 2014
     Seattle, WA

     Body Bionix Cream. Within just a couple of minutes, the pain in my hand was gone. Faster than the product I usually use. Loved that is was non-greasy and no smell.
     A. N.
     Mililani, HI
     I had Body Bionix Relief Lotion put on my back and thumb which I came in with the pain level 5-6 and I feel much better. My pain about a 1.
    K. P.                                                       19 September 2014
     It’s Sept 20th and I am a former professional athlete w/pain in several joints! I used the Body Bionix Cream on my elbow, both knees and my hand. Has removed all my pain from every one of these areas. I was very skeptical but now a complete believer.
    B. W.                                                     20 September 2014
    North Bend, GA
     I tried Body Bionix Relief Cream and I like it better than Corium 21. I have used Corium for years. Relief Cream made my hands softer and it lasted much longer. I will be buying Body Bionix Relief Cream from now on. 
    G. H.                                                     14 September 2014                                             
    Olympia, WA
     Body Bionix Crème. TK applied crème 2 my left thumb w/arthritis, w/in 3 minutes the pain disappeared. Luv da crème. Thank you!!!
    M. L.                                                      19 October 2014                               

    Body Bionix Supercream. I have pain in my hands everyday. I stopped by your booth today at the ASD Market & Pablo rubbed some of this product in my hands & my pain was approx. a 7 out of 10 & in less than 2 minutes I have "0" Zero Pain!!!

    R. S.                                                      4 March 2015                         

    Ft Worth, TX

    South Towne Expo Center Home & Garden Show.

    Stopped by the booth so my fiancé could try the Super Cream product. Ended up trying it for my Arthritis in my hands. My pain was 4 to 5 (1-10) in two minutes the pain relieved to a 1-0. Thank you for sharing this product. I had an appointment for the doctors for my Arthritis and now thinking to continue with this product.
    R. P.                                                      6 March 2015                                                                                 
    SLC, UT

    I am so excited to have discovered Body Bionix Super Cream! I came to the booth with considerable amount of pain in my fingers due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It hurt to even touch it! But immediately after applying this cream, my pain was 0! Hard to believe but it is true! Not only is my pain down but now my hands are soft too! I can hardly wait to try it on my feet!!
    T. R.                                                     6 March 2015                          
    Orem, UT

     Listening to what Body Bionix Super Cream was alleged to do, I questioned the super claims. After a test on my hands, my 88 year old fingers felt pain free for the first time in a few years. The supreme surprise was a test on my aging neck which hurt LOTS but a test of the Super Cream on my neck completely stopped the pain within a couple of minutes. Shocking but true!
     Barbara                                              May 17, 2015             

     Angwin, CA        

     Been living with pain in my right hand after applying cream my pain reduced to 0 pain.
     J. V.                                                    27 June 2015                                                                                          San Diego, CA         

     I attended the Alaska State Fair on Sunday Sept 6, 2015. I was talking about the pain in hand that I had broken 2 months prior. I was asked to try the body Bionix Super Cream for the pain. I was skeptical, but decided, I’m at the fair, what harm is there in trying? So I rubbed the cream into my hands, a small place on my back, and both shoulders. Ten minutes later I couldn’t believe the pain had stopped. I don’t know how it worked, but it did! A great side benefit was that my skin was silky smooth. Great Stuff!
     S. W.
     Eagle River, AK
     Been having pain in my left finger (middle) for years. After about 10 minutes, I can fully open my hand with no pain.
     R. H.                                                   27 June 2015                                                                                           Ramona, CA

     Body Bionix Cream
     I fell off of a “handless Segway”. I bruised my hand, strained my back & right hip. The pain was about a 6 and after an hour the pain was minimized to about a 2. Great Stuff! It smells good too.

     L. F.                                                   13 November 2015

     I have a very painful condition on my hand (for 30 years). I was at a show & tried Body Bionix, within minutes the pain went away and I was comfortable. It lasts and I have no pain.
     Bob Boroskey                                   15 January 2017
    I tried Supercream on my left hand and it reduced the pain 25% instantly! After a few hours pain was completely gone! I was skeptical at first, but man this stuff works! I have had muscle pain for 2 years, taking steroids and pain pills. My pain level was around 8 before I applied the cream.
    Glenn Tankersley                                29 November 2015
    Santa Clarita, CA
    My pain in my body is and remains high 8-10. After using Body Bionix Crème my pain in my hands is gone for the first time in years. Now I am using it on my knees which I need a knee replacement and I am feeling relief.
    David Hedrick                                     5 December 2015
    Buckey, AZ
    I have had very painful hand problems. I would say pain level from 8-10. Using the cream the pain vanished for hours of relief. I was a Vietnam Navy Vet 65-69.
    Larry Bartlett                                      20 Dec 15
    Las Vegas, NV
     Tried cream (Supercream) on knee, within minutes my pain of #8 was reduced to about #2. Arthritic knees and wrist. Shows and feels relief within min.
     Dave Ficker                                      21 Jan 2016
     Loomis, CA
      A sport injury & fall RT thumb/wrist pain 10 – after the Supercream & massage pain went to a 3 …… Since RT handed active use always – thus will help alleviate the pain …. Thank you!
      Lori Becker                                      4 July 2016
      Fremont, CA
       Body Bionix immediately improved the pain in my thumb. I have had a chronic problem with extremely dry hands and cuticles. Body Bionix cream worked instantly upon application. I’m excited to use this product! My pain was about a 4 to a 2 instantly.
       Michelle Vie                                    27 July 2016
       Santa Rosa, CA
       I hurt my knuckle about one month ago. Has been very painful. Tried the lotion and could feel some relief from the pain. Very excited to start using. Thank you.
       Gary Rowe                                     31 July 2016
       Santa Rosa, CA
        Supercream helps my neck & knees and lower back. Especially at night when laying flat. 10 – 4 within minutes. Helped with fingers and shoulders.
        Jeanie Schoolcraft                         9 September 2016
        Marysville, WA
        I just tried Super Cream and the pain in my hand went from a 6 to a 3 in less than one minute. I got a cast off 4 days ago. Hand was sore and tight and skin was dry and cracking. Pain is less and skin is softer. Love it.
        Rick R.                                           17 September 2016
        University Place, WA
       Used on thumb and pain no longer there. Would use for sure. Pain was @ 7 now at a 0.
       Rene G.                                          16 November 2016
       Simi Valley, CA
       I purchased Super Cream at a gun show. The demonstrator saw me flexing my hand and offered me a free sample.

        I have had hand pain for 6 months w/no relief. After 5 minutes I had immediate relief. After a few uses the pain was gone.

        Richard K.                                      6 December 2016
        Chandler, AZ
        I am at the Sportsman Show in Anderson, CA. I suffer from neuropathy due to Diabetes. I saw the Supercream booth. Wow! I had a pain level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 – after trying the Supercream – NO pain. Absolutely none. It’s amazing – a real blessing. So glad I stopped at the Supercream booth. Walking away pain free in my hands.
       Tere R. A.                                         4 Februry 2017

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