I had a headache all day it started to get worse. I tried taking something to relief the pain, but it wasn’t working. I tried this product and within a couple minutes I started to feel better. And by the end of this testament I had no headache at all! BTW the product I tried was Body Bionix Cream!
            S. C.                                           14 September 2014                      
            Federal Way, WA

           Had a headache when I came in. It feels great after applying lotion. I hope its gonna work out for my friend too.
           M. C.                                            21 September 2014
           Tacoma, WA
           My boyfriend rubbed a small amount on my temples for a headache and my shoulders for muscle pain. Within minutes, all the pain was gone! The best part is that there’s no strong weird smell or odor!

          Pain level for both my headache & shoulders was 7-8.

          Chas C.                                        17 October 2015
          Honolulu, HI
          I had a bad migraine and I tried aspirin, medicine and other products and nothing worked.

          I put Body Bionix cream on my neck and shoulders and face for the first time and try the products. Within 10-15 minutes my migraine went down about 90%.

          I am a believer!

          Lori Chaffin                                    20 October 2015
          Hawaii Wellness Directory – Publisher
          Honolulu, HI