Hip and Leg Pain

    Body Bionix Cream. Had pain in leg about 7 in less than 5 min no pain.
    M. N.
    Miliani, Hawaii
    I am a flagger & stand all day & my knee & hips & lower back hurts all the time & after I used Body bionix Cream my pain went from 8 to 0. Love it!
    T. H.
    Des Moines, WA
    I was working at the convention center and my legs were aching. I walked through the booth of Body Bionix Super Cream. I rubbed it on my leg and immediately my pain went away and my muscle loosened. LOVE THIS PRODUCT. My pain went from a 4 to a 0.
   M. R.                                                        3 March 2015
   Brooklyn, NY
     Salt Lake Home & Garden Show, we was here to see landscape options and my hip was aching at the time we stopped in front of this booth – The Body Bionix rep stopped us to check this out. 
     My pain was a 7. After rubbing the hip with the cream, I asked what snake oil just fixed me. I now have a 1 and enjoying the rest of the show. 
     Thanks. Body Bionix Cream

     D. P.                                                       8 March 2015
     SLC, UT


     I fell off of a “handless Segway”. I bruised my hand, strained my back & right hip. The pain was about a 6 and after an hour the pain was minimized to about a 2. Great Stuff! It smells good too.
     L. F.                                                        13 November 2015