Knee Pain

     I had a sore knee for 4 weeks from a wakeboard injury. My pain went from   3-0.
     S. W.                                                        16 September 2014
     North Bend

      Body Bionix Cream. My knee hurt. It was about a 6 on a scale of 1-10. By the time the show was over my knee didn’t hurt anymore.
     J. E.                                                          20 September 2014                                
     Spanaway, WA

 It’s Sept 20th and I am a former professional athlete w/pain in several joints! I used the Body Bionix Cream on my elbow, both knees and my hand. Has removed all my pain from every one of these areas. I was very skeptical but now a complete believer.
     B. W.                                                        20 September 2014
     North Bend, GA
     Tried the Body Bionix Crème because of my knee pain. Within minutes after applying the pain majorly decreased. Pain went from 7 to 0.
     Z. M.                                                         21 September 2014
     Auburn, WA

    Body Bionix Pain Cream was applied to my Arthritic Knee… 5 to 7 mins after application, my knee pain was reduced by half. The relief lasted for close to two (2) days. 
     L. W.                                                         21 September 2014
     Renton, WA

     I woke up on Saturday morning with a pain in my elbow. My other half put some Body Bionix Body Lotion on the painful area and within seconds the pain was gone. I have since used it on my knees and lower back and the relief I feel is great.
     E. B.                                                         21 September 2014
     University Place, WA
     I am a flagger & stand all day & my knee & hips & lower back hurts all the time & after I used Body bionix Cream my pain went from 8 to 0. Love it!
     T. H.
     Des Moines, WA


     Body Bionix really works! Came in with “5” on knees due to Arthritis & Meniscus tear and felt fast relief – down to “2.5” in less than ten minutes.
    T. B.                                                           19 October 2014
    Pouisbo, WA

I have had knee pain for 9 years. Inflammation in my knee for the first time after using Bionix my pain is gone. It went from a 10 to a 0. 
     Thank you for changing my everyday routine from taking medication to now just a cream.

     C. L.                                                          26 October 2014
     Dayton, Ohio

​​     I am a 20 year Vet that has knee pain for the past 15 years. I applied the cream and the pain instantly relieved. From pain level 7 to 2.
     Joseph S.                                                 14 February 2016

     Super Cream is Super Awesome! My knee pain yesterday was about 4-5, used 1 day and I see a significant visual difference between my swollen left knee and my right knee which was treated with Supercream and today I have no pain. Wonderful.
     Becki Bugard                                            22 November 2015
     Lincoln, CA
     My pain in my body is and remains high 8-10. After using Body Bionix Crème my pain in my hands is gone for the first time in years. Now I am using it on my knees which I need a knee replacement and I am feeling relief.
     David Hedrick                                          5 December 2015
     Buckey, AZ
     I was @ the AZ Crossroads Show across the table Body Bionix Super Cream. After 2 days of seen them applying it on people I told myself am going to try it on my knee pain. Within minutes, wow, pain gone from a 10 to 0 within minutes. Great stuff. Thank you Bionix. Thank you.
     Ben Carbatal                                             6 December 2015
     I stop at the location Body Bionix at the gun show in Del Mar, CA. My knee pain was 9-10. After rubbing it on my knee I felt different. It work great. Now my pain is about 4-5 level. I am happy I stop by. I will tell others that know me and will see the different in me. Thanks to the employee here.
     James W. Choppell                                  12 December 2015
     Chula Vista, CA
      I was at the show and I am a military vet. My knees are always bothering me. My pain is between 5-10. I used Body Bionix “Super Cream”. Pain is instantly 0. So crazy. Very excited about this product.

      I recommend all vets use this. And anyone with bad aches and pains.


      Sgt. Mike Eversole                                   12 December 2015
      Vista, CA
      Tried cream (Supercream) on knee, within minutes my pain of #8 was reduced to about #2. Arthritic knees and wrist. Shows and feels relief within min.
      Dave Ficker                                               21 Janurary 2016
      Loomis, CA
      Knee pain 1-10 (was) 8. After trying Body Bionix Super Cream the pain level (was) 0.
      Mr. Al Kules                                              24 Janurary 16
      Mantica, CA
      This product is fantastic. Knocked the pain right out of my knee and helps with dry skin, tattoo brightened up. Well recommended. The pain in my knee was at a 7 and this product took it down to almost nothing.
      Dave M                                                      24 Janurary 2016
      Placerville, CA
     I tried this Bionix product at the show in Las Vegas and was quite impressed. I am not readily “sucked” into a gimmick. So I was quite skeptical.

     I have had numerous surgeries and they placed the product on my knees, which provides with me a great deal of pain. I walked around the show & came back to purchase the product. My pain level had be reduced from a 6 to about a 2 or 3. Thank you.
     Michael D.                                                  26 February 2016
     Miller Place, WY
     I tried Body Bionix Cream at the Great Alaskan Sportsman Show. I have knee pain scale 1-10 about an 8. The pain was gone in about 5 min. Went down to 0. Served in US Army.
     Roy I.                                                         2 April 2016
     Anchorage, AK
     Super Cream is amazing! I got some for myself for my knee pain (which disappeared IMMEDIATELY) and my other sports pains. My husband stole it from me when he saw how quickly my pain disappeared. We both use sports cream after our workouts and out aches and pains have gone away. The side benefit is how well hydrated my skin feels now. My skin has always been dry but is so much better now. Thanks Supercream for fixing my skin and injuries!
      Tracy O.                                                      22 May 2016
      Fruit Heights, UT
      I tried the Supercream on my knee. The pain went from 6-7 to a 0.
      Diana C                                                      10 June 2016
      Elk Grove, CA
     Super cream helped my knee feel better – lessened the pain from 5 – 1.
     Barb G.                                                      7 August 2016
     Santa Rosa, CA
     Supercream helps my neck & knees and lower back. Especially at night when laying flat. 10 – 4 within minutes. Helped with fingers and shoulders.
     Jeanie Schoolcraft                                    9 September 2016
     Marysville, WA
     My friend and I both use Body Bionix. She has a rare form of Arthritis that is very debilitating.. She gets Chemotherapy for it. This product has given her pain relief and function back in her joints. I have varicose veins and problems with my knees. I love how much my knees get relief. Also I get less symptoms from my veins with regular use. Buy it! Do it! You will not be sorry.
     Sarah N.                                                     16 September 2016
     Tacoma, WA
     My friends thank you. I am a vet, with knee pain today it was about a 5. After use I feel very little pain. This helps with pain. I walk with less pain now, about a 1 or 2 thanks to Super Cream. Go Army. Desert Storm Vet.
     J. V.                                                            17 September 2016
     Morton, WA
     I just walk in, first booth I stop was at Supercream, sales rep put some cream on my R (right) knee, the pain disappear, felt good. Thank you. Pain level down from 4 to 1 in a few minutes.
     Frances Y.                                                  25 February 2017
     Klamath Falls, OR
     TK put it on my very painful knee & in about 2 or 3 minutes he had me walk across the hall and I felt no pain I was very impressed with Supercream & so we bought. Love the cream. Pain went from 5,6 to none 0. Thank you very much.
      Sherry P.                                                   18 March 2017
      I came in with knee pain at a 20. The cream was applied twice. It went down to a 10 then a 5. I am able to bend my knee with very little pain.
      Rhonda H.                                                 12 March 2017
      Port Angeles, WA