Neck Pain

     Body Bionix, neck pain at “8” – left at 0. Right ankle broken, lots of metal – came in with a 10+ throbbing pan – left with at 7-8. Love it, can’t wait to get home & use it.
    Sheree                                                     19 September 2014
    Tacoma, WA

     I tried Body Bionix at the fair and it took away my neck stiffness right away. I tried some essential oils ten minutes earlier and it doesn’t work as good. The essential oils even had a strong lingering smell and burn … Not this stuff.
    S. D.                                                         21 September 2014
    Puyallup, WA 
     Listening to what Body Bionix Super Cream was alleged to do, I questioned the super claims. After a test on my hands, my 88 year old fingers felt pain free for the first time in a few years. The supreme surprise was a test on my aging neck which hurt LOTS but a test of the Super Cream on my neck completely stopped the pain within a couple of minutes. Shocking but true!
     Barbara                                                    17 May 2015

     Angwin, CA

     Body Bionix Cream, was introduced to me with a pain in my neck, scheduled surgery July 9th, which now I may postpone! I have tried every cream even Amish! I have Lupus and, it is an incredible cream!!! Absolutely amazing it worked instantly. No matter the cost, I will be an avid customer. My mind is blown, Incredible!!!
     P. R-G.                                                    31 May 2015

     Novato, CA

     Wasn’t able to turn my neck from the pain. After applying the cream my range of motion changed to where I could turn my head completely.
     G. B.                                                       27 June 2015
     San Diego, CA
     My granddaughter and I visited the Body bionix Super cream Booth at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington. I purchased the cream and applied it on a pinched nerve in my neck/ear area. It has taken the sharp edge off, making it bearable. I came back to purchase more.
     C. S.                                                   
   21 September 2015

     This helped my neck pain a lot and fast! Body Bionix Supercream.
     Kara E.                                                  4 September 2016
     Juneau, AK
     I was here at the fair and tried Super Cream on my neck and the pain was gone. I had surgery 3 years ago and pain ever since. My neck feels different and NO pain.
     Vicki Patterson                                       22 June 2016
     Body Bionix Super Cream is AMAZING. I had severe pain. Between my head and shoulders it took it away! It doesn’t mess up my self-tanner. Takes away anything rough. I’m a medical Esthetician for 25 years. I was skeptical… BUT IT WORKS!!! I bought the travel size. Gone in a week, I came back looking for 6 weeks. I can’t run out. 
     C. Collins                                                 14 July 2016
     Monrovia, CA
     Body Bionix Super Cream helped my neck pain immediately – I was skeptical but the pain went from 9 to 2 within a minute of application, so I applied it on my back – again with great pain relief.
     L. Fox                                                       27 July 2016
     Windsor, CA
     Supercream helps my neck & knees and lower back. Especially at night when laying flat. 10 – 4 within minutes. Helped with fingers and shoulders.
     Jeanie Schoolcraft                                   9 September 2016
     Marysville, WA