Not-Greasy and No Fragrance

          Body Bionix Cream. Within just a couple of minutes, the pain in my hand was gone. Faster than the product I usually use. Loved that it was non-greasy and no smell.
          A. N.
          Mililani, HI


          My boyfriend rubbed a small amount on my temples for a headache and my shoulders for muscle pain. Within minutes, all the pain was gone! The best part is that there’s no strong weird smell or odor!

          Pain level for both my headache & shoulders was 7-8.

          Chas C.                                                      17 October 2015
          Honolulu, HI
          Body Bionix Cream
          I fell off of a “handless Segway”. I bruised my hand, strained my back & right hip. The pain was about a 6 and after an hour the pain was minimized to about a 2. Great Stuff! It smells good too.

          LaVonne F.                                                  13 November 2015
          I purchased the Body Bionix Super Cream a year ago. I live in a very dry climate and was searching for a hand cream that would help my hands.

          One day I applied it to my face. It made my face soft without a greasy feeling and No breakouts.

          It is now my daily moisturizer and have discarded the many “name brand” moisturizers in my cabinet.

          I would highly recommend this product not only from your hands but also for your face.

          Sheree T.                                                     23 January 2016
          Winnemucca, NV
          I have been using Body Bionix for two years now. It is the only product that helps with my Psoriasis and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I love this stuff.
          Roy S.                                                        2 April 2016
          Palmer, AK
          I have Fibromyalgia. The Super Cream my pain from a 6 to a 0 in 5 minutes. You also need to use such a tiny amount it is really amazing. The smell is very pleasant.
          Rebecca Bayer Sayler                               23 June 2016
          Fremont, CA      
          My husband and I bought the Body Bionix Supercream two weeks ago. We’ve used it on seriasis (Psoriasis) patches, varicose vein spots (Spider Veins), cracked heels, tattoos and cuticles. Maybe every other day or every few days and have noticed a HUGE difference. It’s not oily and not heavily scented so you can apply it anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend this product to everyone!
          A.F.                                                            13 August 2016
          Clearwater, FL
          I had purchased this item in September 2016, because I have Eczema all over my body and really dry skin. I sampled many lotions over the years and they were either really stinky or made my skin extra greasy. The Body Bionix Supercream has a natural scent (clean smelling) & doesn’t leave my skin greasy or dry shortly after application. Most importantly, if I use the Bionix Supercream faithfully, the inflammation and pain from Eczema are noticeably decreased. I ran out of the product for a short time and used a different lotion and the Eczema flared back up. Needless to say, I called to order more Body Bionix Supercream!
          Angela G.                                                  10 February 2017
          Bonney Lake, WA
          It is the most amazing product. It is not greasy. It is smooth. Goes on evenly. Smell goes. It heals the skin. Your skin feels soft and smooth.

          Kris N.                                                        18 March 2017
          South Jordan, UT