Range of Motion

         Wasn’t able to turn my neck from the pain. After applying the cream my range of motion changed to where I could turn my head completely.
         G Butler                                                     27 June 2015
         San Diego, CA
         Mild Arthritis in hands, trigger finger & inability most mornings to make a fist – stopped by Super Cream to see if it worked on dry skin – Surprise! It not only smoothed out the rough skin, but I was able to fist both hands within 2 minutes! Yahoo!
         Andee B                                                      17 July 2016
         Long Beach, CA
         My friend and I both use Body Bionix. She has a rare form of Arthritis that is very debilitating.. She gets Chemotherapy for it. This product has given her pain relief and function back in her joints. I have varicose veins and problems with my knees. I love how much my knees get relief. Also I get less symptoms from my veins with regular use. Buy it! Do it! You will not be sorry.
         Sarah N.                                                     16 September 2016
         Tacoma, WA
         I had a very stiff forefinger. I could only bend it halfway. After using the cream I had full mobility in my finger. Amazing.
         Arlie P                                                        25 September 2016
         Black Diamond
         I’ve been using (Body Bionix) Supercream for arthritis in both hands and have noticed a great deal of relief from the pain and more flexibility since my first applying. Will surely continue to use because it works. I’m amazed! I’ve tried everything and nothing else gave me any relief.
         Grant M                                                     17 December 2016
         Lehigh Acres, FL
         I came in with knee pain at a 20. The cream was applied twice. It went down to a 10 then a 5. I am able to bend my knee with very little pain.
         Rhonda H.                                                 12 March 2017
         Port Angeles, WA