To: Body Bionix Relief Lotion
     Thank you for the opportunity to try the lotion on my face and hands. The product has made a difference to my skin in both areas. In particular to the facial area on my right forehead. About 10 years ago, I suffered through a bout of shingles affecting my right forehead and right eye. The medical treatment left me with neuralgia in that area. After trying a small amount applied to my forehead, a lot of the neuralgia subsided within a day and continued and has been helpful in reducing the neuralgia on a daily basis. I would recommend this lotion/product to others suffering from Shingles aftereffects. 
    Thank you.

    S. C.                                                  11 Janurary 2015                                         
    Ketchikan, AK


Dear Mr. Tinnin,                                     January 16, 2017

    Thank you for introducing me to your Body Bionix Supercream. I bought it originally because I have dry skin which is super sensitive and prone to Eczema out-breaks. After applying the cream every day, my Eczema is under control and I rarely have to use the steroid ointment my Dermatologist prescribed me. Your cream is a much better solution as the steroids have rather severe side effects.

    Now for the big surprise!  I recently suffered from a bout with Shingles.  The pain was horrible and felt like ants biting me.  My skin was bright red and turned purple with blisters. I generously applied the cream to the wound and within minutes the pain stopped. The next day, when I removed the band aid, the area was noticeably improved.  After one week of using your cream, the blisters have healed, no more pain and the wound is healed.  Amazing!

     I will continue to use your product and tell everyone I know about the benefits.

     C. Harris    Oldsmar, FL