My name is Michael. After trying Body Bionix, cream, my rotator cuff (which is 65% torn) felt completely anew. Daily pain of 7-8 on a 10 scale…to no pain at all. Unbelievable!
    Michael R.                                           15 September 2014
    Tacoma, WA
     Body Bionix Cream. Right rotator cuff, Arthritis in hands knuckles. No pain in 5 minutes. Fibromyalgia pain 8 to “0”.
     D. B.                                                    16 September 2014              
     Seattle, WA
     Body Bionix Cream. Had a sample of this cream placed on my shoulder w/light pain. Within 5 min, pain went away. Thanks a lot.
    G. A.                                                     18 October 2014                                                 
    Kailua, HI
     I tried the Body Bionix Super Cream as a moisturizer & loved it. Then after talking about aches & pains I tried it on my ankle. The pain in my ankle was a 4 on a scale of 1-10 before the cream & a 0 after the cream. I had surgery on my shoulder that didn’t fix the problem & my shoulder hurts everyday when I lift my arm to shoulder height. I have pain rating of 8-9 & after the cream I can say it’s at about a 4.
    Thank you for introducing this product to me!

    T. W.                                                       1 March 2015 
    Las Vegas, NV


    I was absolutely surprised in the results. Amazing to say the least. I bought one for myself and my mother. Shoulder pain went from 6-7 to Zero in seconds. Highly Recommend!
    R. O.                                                       4 March 2015                            
    Santa Fe, NM
     This product is amazing. I have severe rotator cuff issues and nothing seems to relieve the pain. As soon as it was applied my pain on a scale of 1-10 was an 8 and after putting it on was about a 2. Very excited to no longer have to take a pill. Body Bionix Super Crème! The Best -------
     R. B.                                                      3 April 2015
     Anchorage, AK
     I attended the Alaska State Fair on Sunday Sept 6, 2015. I was talking about the pain in hand that I had broken 2 months prior. I was asked to try the body Bionix Super Cream for the pain. I was skeptical, but decided, I’m at the fair, what harm is there in trying? So I rubbed the cream into my hands, a small place on my back, and both shoulders. Ten minutes later I couldn’t believe the pain had stopped. I don’t know how it worked, but it did! A great side benefit was that my skin was silky smooth. Great Stuff!
     S. W.
     Eagle River, AK

     This product really works! Shoulder pain is gone in seconds. Super stoked to come across this product.
Pain from 6 to 0 in sec.
     Charles W                                             11 October 2015
     Mililani, HI
     My boyfriend rubbed a small amount on my temples for a headache and my shoulders for muscle pain. Within minutes, all the pain was gone! The best part is that there’s no strong weird smell or odor!

     Pain level for both my headache & shoulders was 7-8.

     Chas C.                                                  17 October 2015
     Honolulu, HI
     I was in AZ at Crossroads of the West Gun Show. I had pain in my left shoulder. I really wasn’t a believer in no cream to get rid of pain but I said what the heck I’ll give it a try… “WOW” this Body Bionix Super Cream really worked with in a minute that I put it on. Amazing Stuff Seriously. Thank you.
     Leo E                                                      6 December 2015
     Body Bionix Super Cream its great – I was walking around with shoulder pain. It was @ a 7. After an application of the Super Cream the pain disappeared.

     I LOVE IT!
     M. Estevez                                                19 December 2015
     Moreno Valley, CA
     My husband suffers from chronic back and shoulder pain. He tried the Body Bionix cream & the pain went away. Amazing!! Bought it immediately.
     Lisa B                                                         3 Janurary 2016
     San Bernadino, CA
      Supercream helps my neck & knees and lower back. Especially at night when laying flat. 10 – 4 within minutes. Helped with fingers and shoulders.
      Jeanie S                                                   9 September 2016
      Marysville, WA
       Solo quiero agradecer a este Senor – su afrecimiento de 5 minutos masage y la verdad me resulto incredible. Muy beneficioso y traia dolor de musculo en mi hombro 10 – 0 . Muy bueno el producto gracias por estos incredibles productos naturales. Elavorados con tanta delicadeza con la planta savila . Lo maximo!

       Body Bionix. I only want to thank this gentleman for this offer. 5 minute massage & the truth is the result is incredible. Very beneficial and I had a shoulder muscle pain of 10 to a 0. The product is very good. Thank you for this incredible product made with such delicacy with the aloe vera plant. The ultimate!

       M. Ramirez                                               30 December 2016
       Simi Valley, CA
       I put the Supercream on my wife. Her midback and shoulders have been hurting for week. Went to Chiropractor 2 times and still hurt. Put cream on at night at bed time, she woke up feeling 75% better. Thank s guys.
          Frank B                                                  26 February 2017
          Grants Pass, OR

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