I came across Body Bionix Super Cream on September 6, 2014 – purchased 4 jars to use on my terribly cracked feet. Not only are my feet PERFECT but I also use it on my hands and tattoos – I have full body tattoos, parts are 26 years old and with the use of sunscreen & Body Bionix every single day – they are as bright & clear as the day they were done! No Kidding – I will forever use Body bionix Super cream because there is absolutely NOTHING better!
     H. L. 
     (Dry, Dry) Palmer, Alaska
     Body Bionix,
     Your super clean product has made my tattoo look brand new. I am so glad I found your product. You have a lifetime customer!!! My sunburn felt like it never happened!!!

     C. H.                                                          25 June 2015    
     Ponak, CA (?)

      My husband and I bought the Body Bionix Supercream two weeks ago. We’ve used it on seriasis (Psoriasis) patches, varicose vein spots (Spider Veins), cracked heels, tattoos and cuticles. Maybe every other day or every few days and have noticed a HUGE difference. It’s not oily and hot heavily scented so you can apply it anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend this product to everyone!
       A.F.                                                          13 August 2016
       Clearwater, FL
       I was skeptical at first, although I had asked about tattoos, and was given some amazing info regarding tattoos. I was very impressed and picked up a few bottles of Body Bionix Supercream. My tattoos are a lot more vibrant when using this product. Recommend to everyone. Thanks!
       Krystal Cesarz-Berg                                 26 August 2016
       Wasila, AK
       This product is fantastic. Knocked the pain right out of my knee and helps with dry skin, tattoo brightened up. Well recommended. The pain in my knee was at a 7 and this product took it down to almost nothing.
       Dave M                                                      24 Janurary 2016
       Placerville, CA